Chestnut Tree Films
Scene from My Own Sky
A late-night phone call on Elizabeth's 10th wedding anniversary informs her that her brother has died in an accident. She returns to her childhood home after a 15-year absence, and is confronted by relatives who are resentful to her for having abandoned her family. Tensions run high as Elizabeth is faced with the task of caring for her ailing father, in the home where she suffered many years of abuse as a child and as a young woman. Worse still, Alzheimer's disease and dementia are quickly robbing her father of his ability to remember the horrible things he did to her. Time and distance away from her husband are putting an additional strain on their already tenuous relationship, made so in part by Elizabeth's difficulty with intimacy due to the abuse she suffered in her past. In her time of greatest need, Elizabeth finds a soul-mate in a childhood friend, and she begins to question what it truly means to be faithful, both to one's family and to one's self.